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non-starter 2003 clio

  307 hdi (powered by derv)

good evening,

I got in my car this morning to drive to the bike show. I stopped at a friends house and when i went to restart car the imoboliser wouldnt switch off. I left the car there for the day and went in mates instead.

When i got home this evening i tried again with no luck so i called the aa. while waiting for them they rang to say they were subbing the work out to rescue firm. The bloke cam late and was unable to fix it, this resulted in another wiat for it to be towed.

The recovery guy said it could be radio frequencys interfiering with it. The says there are certain hot spots and renault are the worst effected. He says car park in solihull wont allow renaults in coz of this (is this true?)

Anyway, I got the car home which is the other side of town and started first time. It was parked next to a hospital when it wouldnt start so maybe it was there erials on the building top.

Has anyone else heard or experienced this problem?

Many thanks


Djw John

Scotland - South
ClioSport Area Rep

We had a problem with our old scenic in a multi storey. We were on the top floor and it turns out there was a mobile phone mast right above us, we ended up pushing it down a storey and it started! Shouldnt happen though