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Non starting valver :( Please advise!!!

Morning all,

I have a valver which simply won't fire when the weather is wet. The battery is brand new, the distributer and rotor arm are new, as are the leads and the spark plugs. I don't think there is a problem with these parts anyway as once the car does start it runs perfectly. Also i've not had a miss-fire or anything that suggests a miss-fire is imminent!

As this problem seems to go away once the car does finally get a decent initial spark is it likely to be starter motor? or could it be fuel line, air box etc...???

Starter motor is drawing from the battery as it should be, but i guess that doesn't mean it is still functioning perfectly?

Any help is very much appreciated!!

dont mean to annoy. anyone got any suggestions? just in a spot of trouble at mo as im in manchester at the mo and need to get to london over the weekend. cheers.
ye, it just won't fire up. Once it does it idles perfectly, no coughing and spluttering.

ruddy confusing!! which makes me believe that its probably starter motor.

if it is the starter motor, does anyone know how much that job is? cheers
  '92 172, Lotus Elise
if its turning over, surely the starter motor is fine?

but can't think of what else it could be :(
  Mk1 Clio 1.8 16v
What about the coil??

Have you checked if there is a feed going thru to the coil all of the time.

If your coilpack is temperamental, this may cause a lack of spark?

When there was no feed going to my coil the engine turned over but wudnt start. Also, when you try to start it, can you hear the fuel pump kick in?

no rev counter tis fine. Ye fuel pump wakes up, i can hear it, and also because it fires fine when weather is dry.

Well this morning i connected my battery to a focus battery as i was guessing that my battery was probably running out of steam trying so much to start the car. Anyway, to my surprise, the valver started first time, nay problems!!!
so both batteries had enough power to kinda force start it?
That battery I have is brand new and is 20A (520A) more than what the car needs (500A), especially as the car started perfectly well on a battery that was 80A (420A) to small for it, for ages.

Assuming battery is fine (which im almost certain it is) anyone got a clearer idea of what may be the problem?

Do i presume this may be the coil then?

cheers for your help so far guys