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Non Starting Woes

Evening all...

Having abit of bother with an intermitant non starting issue. Im thinking its an imobiliser issue... sypmtoms are as follows

Ever since ive had the car every now and then when turning the key the red light on the dash flashes like mad. Usually turn off and back on and it starts fine

Now... Friday night, put key in.. light flashing like mad. Turned off and on again. turned key to start... NOTHING happens. Repeat... trys to crank, like half a turn and stops, turn key off and back on... try again... cranks without starting for a few secs then stops. Then for the next ten minutes or so its dead. Every time i try either the flashing light goes nuts.. or is steady like it should be.. but everytime the starter appears dead

Then all of a sudden i hear the fuel pump prime, try it and fires straight up. Not been an issue ,apart from the odd flashing red light situation.... until tonight and its done the same again. Again after alot of trying and swearing, without warning i hear the pump prime and off it goes.

Ive tried locking unlocking, opening door ,closing door ect to simulate getting in the car..that doesnt work. Ive tried taking key out for couple of minutes.. doesnt work

I only have the one key so ive no spare to try.

Searching the forums, ive read about getting a new key... someone has suggested running new earths to the engine... i have a renault tech cd that mentions corrioded relays in the engine bay somewhere??

Anyone have any ideas... so far its not done it when it really matters... but im worrying its going to do it one day and not start at all

How do i go about getting a new key to try? Stealer job?

02 ph2 172 if it makes any odds