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North East - Nurburgring

For anyone who may have missed the thread earlier..

Setting off Friday 4th September.
Catching early AM ferry from Dover to Dunkirk.
Leaving Germany Tuesday morning.
Booking apartments this week so if you want in, now is the time to say!
  182 Inferno
Get ferry from North Shields to Amsterdam it works out about the same price and a lot less driving :wink: Amsterdam to ring is about a 3hour drive, I'm going in May, can't wait

How was it?
I've done this journey a few times, Amsterdam to Nurburg. Awful straight drive like, but European drivers are brilliant!

What is the ring like now its under new owners?
  clio 197, EP3 Turbo
We go 3 weeks today £180 a car return on the shields ferry. :) cant wait! Took my teg last time round then drove through Switzerland to Italy! how did people find the villas right next to the Ring? Thats where we are staying this time.


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  Renault Clio Ph2 172
Who'd be up for this?

I'll sort it if we get enough interest.....

Ferry from Dover to Dunkirk - £60
Few tanks of petrol each way -£150 (ish)
Camping for 3/4 days - €20 ish each.
Ring laps - €24 each.

This is all just an estimate but of we get in interest, I'll sort all the proper details.
Sounds great. Might have the car sorted by then!