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  1. jesus

    Trophy #41 - Showroom Fresh

    Those of you who know me will know that the Trophy is far from a show car bodywork wise. It's lived on a track all its life and every owner has taken it to the Nurburgring at least once. It's covered in stone chips (the front bumper is beyond salvageable), the door handles are pink and it gets...
  2. Pacman.

    The worst Nurburgring driver ever?

    Now I have a bit of a back story with this character and long and short of it. He was banned off for threatning me and messaging me on Facebook calling me a C#!t and all sorts. However a bit of Karma has found its way to me on Facebook. Seems he is now the one recieving a lot of...
  3. D

    DC2 K20a Nurburgring 8:04BTG

    Morning guys! I wanted to share my latest achievement with the CS crew. Long story short, this happened: Out came the B18c, in went a K20a from a DC5 with FD2 intake, 5.1 final drive, ATS plated 1.5 diff, and a few other tweaks. This was all done for one reason, I wanted to go sub 8...
  4. D

    Anyone have a Nurburgring Vid?

    Not sure where to post this but Media seems about right. I'm looking for an on-board dash cam/go pro video of someone attacking the nurburgring in their clio 172/182. I'm looking to do a European trip travelling the famous circuits around Europe and making my own edited videos with the footage I...
  5. J

    Nürburgring Tourist Driving Tickets (7 laps)

    I didn't manage to use all the laps on the ticket so am sticking it on the bay since it was chucking it down on the final session which made it somewhat difficult to sell them to anyone. Item 321829079793.
  6. Brett21

    The Ph1 hit Nurburgring at the weekend

    I took the Ph1 to the ring at the weekend, she done well. The only thing she needed was more power!! But otherwise a good day.
  7. harrison88


    What an unbelievable place. Amazed at how much attention the car received.
  8. Mr Burns

    Nurburgring Clio's

    My memory is shocking but I've definitely seen various Clio's with UK plates, mostly 172 Cups.
  9. theburns1

    who's at the nurburgring?

    I've been at the ring since Wednesday and I've been seeing loads of Clio's just wondering if any of them are off the forum?
  10. NorthloopCup

    Lada WTCC Nurburgring lap

    Genuinely impressive full lap of the nordschliefe and gp circuit!
  11. Mr Burns

    Nurburgring Clio Crash

    Couldn't see this posted so apologies if it's already on here...
  12. D

    Nurburgring 8:22BTG in my old Honda...

    Morning all, I spent last week visiting Spa Francorchamps and the Nurburgring in my DC2. 1600 miles in total, 10 litres of oil, and 3 sets of brake pads. Honestly, the best trip I've ever done. I'm waiting for my mate to upload his pictures of the day so I can do a trip report similar to what I...
  13. S

    GY53 172 Cup Devils Diner Nurburgring

    Anyone on here? Caged, buckets etc.
  14. Stu-

    North East - Nurburgring

    Who'd be up for this? I'll sort it if we get enough interest..... Ferry from Dover to Dunkirk - £60 Few tanks of petrol each way -£150 (ish) Camping for 3/4 days - €20 ish each. Ring laps - €24 each. This is all just an estimate but of we get in interest, I'll sort all the proper details.
  15. Breamy

    nurburgring may bank hol 2015

    Me and a friend are planning on heading over to ring on may bank hol. Leaving Friday 22nd may and returning wed the 27th. Anyone interested?
  16. C

    My Nurburgring project smurf blue......

    Hi all Recently purchased this from a lovely chap from hear. Recently sold my e46 M3 and wanted something that is fun and still could go to the Ring/Spa/Zolder along with some local tracks. It's a weekend toy and not a daily. So....there isn't much to do.... So I'm wanting a pair of decent comfy...
  17. Italian ringer

    Italian ringer

    My clio 182 at nurburgring near bilstein bridge
  18. D

    How not to keep your cool at the Nurburgring...

    Watch til the end!
  19. lesley

    Nurburgring 2014

    All packed ready to go IMAG1518 by lesley2337, on Flickr queueing for the train IMAG1519 by lesley2337, on Flickr IMAG1520 by lesley2337, on Flickr 172 we found in Belgium IMAG1522 by lesley2337, on Flickr IMAG1524 by lesley2337, on Flickr empty hotel car park IMAG1525 by lesley2337, on...
  20. P

    Nurburgring 20th September? Anyone there?

    Going to the nurburgring on the 20th September, give us a shout if anyone's there at the same time!
  21. celicaturbolly

    How to tackle the Nurburgring Nordschleife [ with Renaultsport content :) ]

    As title, just found this on youtube and after a search couldn't find it posted previously
  22. Craig_B

    Ph1 Nurburgring Crash July 2013 OnBoard GoPro

    Over a year since it happened, but never put the video up to YouTube until this week, thought members would like a view if haven't already. My first trip to the Nurburgring with group of mates, split the driving and costs, and then gave keys to my car to my mate for couple laps and this...
  23. Barron

    BL54 KOD - Nurburgring

    Saw your car in the Dorint car park. Also staying at the Dorint, in a BMW M3.
  24. jamzman

    Clio RS 200 or Corsa vxr nurburgring

    Alright Guys, Just would like your opinion on the two cars i am considering to buy, What do you think is the better car and why ? Here are the Links to the cars i am currently looking to buy 1...
  25. pepinosport

    nurburgring lap. speeded up?

    Hi fellas! I've finally been at the ring this year with my trackday/shopping cart 206 (wasn't sure about the clio making it to Germany :p). I recorded some footage and was kind of proud of my second lap ever. So I did this video together with RaceChrono's .csv file. But then this guy showed...
  26. K

    Prototype honda nsx fire at nurburgring..

    Seen this on the internet and thought I would share, not a bad looking car either, shame about the damage! Not sure if this has been posted but a quick search suggests not.
  27. Danith

    Nurburgring spottage

    DanielJames Noticed your tag at the ring. Added one myself, guess which one
  28. N

    Nurburgring 28th or 29th May

    Spotted a very nice looking black 182 with full cage and bucket seats on my Nurburgring trip. If I remember right was in convoy with a type r civic and an M3 had a quick play on the motorway and a bit of the lanes towards Nurburg
  29. P

    Nurburgring 1st May ( Bank Holiday Weekend )

    Hello, We were at the Nurburgring on the 1st May for bank holiday weekend and met a few lads from the clio sport forum, one of them took photos of our car and said they were on the forum. Give us a shout if this was you! ( We had a Monaco blue Clio 172 and were near the Nurburg Castle when...
  30. P

    Nurburgring 1st May ( Bank Holiday Weekend )

    Hello, We were at the Nurburgring on the 1st May for bank holiday weekend and met a few lads from the clio sport forum, one of them took photos of our car and said they were on the forum. Give us a shout if this was you! ( We had a Monaco blue Clio 172 and were near the Nurburg Castle when...