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Not happy!

  2001 Clio 172
Hello people. Just took some rubbish out and while I was outside i decided to take some pics of my speakers that I am going to sell. As i was opening the boot i noticed this on my bumper:


I have no idea how this happened and I'm sure it wasnt there yesterday. I'm so not happy about this! More money being spent for no reason!

  ibiza cupra
is it paint flakeing off mate? respray job anyway mate. sorry . any ideas how its been done. have you had the rear bumper painted latley. if so take it back.
  Astra 1.9Cdti SRi
whats happend there :S looks like the paint has bubbled/creased ...

what happens if you touch it?
  2001 Clio 172
Gutted for you mate :(

It look's like what ever has done it clpied the boot lid on the lip.

Good spot, I'll have to have a look at the boot lip. No idea how it has happened. It's just flaking off, doesnt seem to be any bubbling. No I haven't sprayed the bumper mate, only had the car for 3 weeks! So unhappy as it's money that is going to have to be spent on making the car look the same (if you get me).
  ibiza cupra
i would ask the previous owner if it has been done mate as the work may still be under warranty. we have some work come back to us that we did 3 years ago so its worth a try and may save you the money of getting it repaired as you are looking at between £100 to £150 there.
  2001 Clio 172
I got the car from Derbyshire and I live up in Newcastle area so even if it was sprayed i'd have to go down south to sort it. Annoyed!


Looks like someone/thing has tried to prise your boot open, with the bumper being the pivot for the tool... :S
  2001 Clio 172
Might be right there, I have just put a sub and amp in the boot but didnt fit them in this area. Need to look at boot lip in the morning. As if I dont have to spend enough money running and fixing the car without others tampering with it!