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Not seen in these parts since 2004?

  Clio RS
I can't believe my login still works on here, the last time I was here must be over ten years back! I was trying to reply to another thread but I don't have sufficient privileges apparently. So her I am under my own steam with a thread all my very own.

I had a 2004 182 with cup pack etc in the black metallic with the titanium nitride particles - but it had to go when second child appeared on the scene and the enormous child seat left room for only one other human.

In 2009 I bought a '57 197 f1 again in black - better handling but a fair bit heavier so not quite as much fun as the 182. Mrs N liked it though so that was a plus point. Not so good on my long motorway commute though with the short gearing.

That's my RS Clio experience in a nutshell. Great cars oozing character.