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Noticing other clio’s

I live in Fleet, Hampshire and see a few 172s, 16vs, williams and 1 v6. I flash / wave at all of them but very few return the friendly gesture. Is it just me?

Nah, I wave to all 172s, 16vers, Williams, V6s and modified Clios and none of the buggers wave back. (Well, hardly ever)

  BMW Z4 2.5si Sport

I flash, but they usually ignore me
Actually though on my way back from the csc rr day I saw a Willy and flashed, and they waved back
  Williams 2, STi N12

Not a chance round here, as all the other clio drivers must think the the 172 stands for the age they must be before they buy them.
If you flash them it takes them ages for them, to work out what you have just done and then another 3 hours to work out how to work the full beam without turning on the other lights and the window wipers!!!!
  996 Carrera

I work in Fleet at the moment. Hopefully you might see a Cup heading to and from junction 4a of the M3 in the next few weeks :)
  Clio 197

In the Nurburg area even the Renault Spyder drivers wave to me in my Willy. I guess it is because we are outnumbered about 1000 to one by the Porsches, Ferraris, BMWs etc.
  190 BHP Willy 2

round my way people just look at you like your a r****d if you flash or wave. you sometimes even get a 2 finger salute. Whats up with these people?? :cry:

you very rarely get the desired response :confused: