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Nova owner turned clio.

Got a clio Yesterday, H reg 1.4 Turbo, Great fun car as it looks 100% standard but it flies. Few questoins ill be asking so hope to get to know you guys better.

Cheers Paul

Doesnt matter what he owned, he has a Turbod Clio now. *drool*

Welcome to the Forum! :) oh, and get signed up to the Club ;).


You must have heard 0f the tubo conversion... i thought it was a well practiced caonversion???

The nova was a minta, and now daley is breaking it, mail him ifanyone is after parts there are loads, 2.0 16 valve lump, 1600 on 40s digi dash, bucket seats 16s with brand new tyres.

I got the Clio of TurboDaley and loving it allready!

Got some questions that i will be hitting you with though, so ill see ya all around the boards.

How do i "join the club"? and i am from Burton on Trent By the way.

Cheers lads.

Hey where abouts in Burton are you from? I lived there for about 15 years and now living near Tamworth, but ive still got loads of mates down there so im there all the time, Maybe we could meet up some time. Id love to see the Turbo Clio.



welcom mate sounds like you like the car i wast sure you liked it coz i wast sure if you were cool that you do coz i had lods of fun in it ;)

The car is mad, hammered a vts and a vtr last night and it was still spinning in third, had to brake earlier though.. you know why lol

Got new disks and pads, but still dont trust them yet! lol

I am from Winshill in Burton, where abouts where you? And do you know anyone from around Burton???
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What Im wondering about is how you could have an H reg Clio? You sure its not a 5 GT Turbo and your eyes have gone funny?

Oh yes - there are a few early H-reg Clios running about. May 1991 was the Clios first appearence in the UK - still H-reg you see.

Most Ive seen are in a kind of burnt gold or sick-yellow colour though. Think initially it was only the 1.2, RT 1.4 and 1.9 diesel that were available.

I used to live on Blackpool Street, then I moved to Branston Road opposite the Uxbridge Arms.

I do know quite alot of people in Burton. Im down there all the time. (Usually p****d though).

  BMW 320d Sport

Ben when you see another H reg Clio (apart from the Tubo) get a picture, because I have never ever seen one in my life. I have seen a few later ones like P-reg Willy 3.
  190 BHP Willy 2

Theres a lad round the corner from me got a williams on a R plate and a run around on a H plate (5 door / red) ill get a pic for you Nick.

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PaulRobo what sort of power is the 5 lump putting out?

And where was the conversion done?


steve a

yep, we all dress badly as time flys by.............

and, of course, the age of the clio dictates the condition...

yeh ! Verilly.. thou shalt follow the crede of age and mileage...

for, it telleth the whole truth...

and, long shall it be generalised for the good of all... and ALL men... and aliens.....
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Just browsing around the net I see quite a few mentions of H reg Clios. However many other articles suggesting the Clio was introduced in 1991 ( J ).

Europe seems to have many more 1990 models and lots of parts catalogues list for Clio 1990- on.

It would be nice to see a first model in mint condition.

Its 91 H. I wouldnt say it was mint, but there is no rust. Just need a good clean really and the side bump strip putting back on.

The car is on the rollers in two weeks, so bear wiv me till then and i will have an output for yall
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ive seen a few h regs but most have got badly rusting rear arches, i have seen the sickly yellow colour too, dont know what they were thinking with that one!

I left my nova with Daley he was getting rid of all the parts on there as most of the payment. Daley may tell you what i paid for it, if not youll have to guess. He was very reluctant to sell it though, but im sure he would do another for the right person.

Halesowen, but i work in tamworth.

I wondered whos car it was. You wouldnt notice me thou company blue golf! ah well, its free i suppose.