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Now with boost!

  Monaco blue 172
Just had my 172 boosted by Engine dynamics

Andy is a top guy very helpful and the work is really tidy.

What an awesome increase in power! Pulls very well and sounds amazing!
my car made 232.2hp with the standard cat, which saves a bit of effing around at MOT time.

One thing I’ve noticed under high boost is a vibration at the dashboard, I can only assume this is the turbo vibrating against the bulkhead? Has anyone had similar and were you able to sort it with stiffer engine mounts? It’s quite loud, the car has had a new factory engine mount very recently but never heard this pre turbo

many thanks In advance


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East of England
ClioSport Area Rep
I would run some powerflex bushes if not already up rated? Yellow insert in upper mount and purple for the twisted dog mount.
Vibration in the cabin may increase somewhat but it may stop the vibration on the bulk head.
  Monaco blue 172
Thanks for you reply mate. I’ve gone down the power flex dogbone and vibra technics engine/gearbox mount combo. I think with the extra torque it needs them, you can feel quite a lot of engine movement to be fair so will update when fitted