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NW go-karting event December (Warrington)?


ClioSport Club Member
Was thinking of arranging a get together for the NW lads and gals (and other regions, if you're willing to travel) also friends if we cant make the numbers up with CS members. The venue is at Warrington's team-sport go-karting track (1000m with 3 levels, best UK track I've done). Was thinking a weekend in December time (plenty of time to arrange) when the weather is a bit crap. I've arranged a few of these in the past and numbers pending would be able to arrange a grand prix with practice laps, leading into qualifying (same 15 minute session) and races 15 minute session(s). There would be trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. To enter a GP we would need 8+ drivers, price around £36 each but should be able to get a decent discount if we get a good few drivers. If we get really good numbers (22+) we could enter a super GP with heats...

If you're interested just post below and state your preferred weekend dates in December.

The track...

Premier GP...

Super GP...
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Down with Go-Karting any time ..... I'm up for this, probably be able to persuade some folks if we needed to bulk up the numbers.

Old Tarby!

ClioSport Moderator
Yeah I'd be up for this. Could probably drag a mate of mine along too. Will have to check which dates I could do though as me and Jackie go to London for the weekend in December, and its my works party on the 16th so that weekend will be a write off lol

I shall investigate further :)


ClioSport Club Member
Well I can get 1 pal for sure, so if others can as well and a few more of here we could be looking at the super GP (22+). Also I'll be looking at a few beers after it as well if anyone is up for that?

Just need firm dates from everyone, once attained I'll go to Team-Sport and get us pre-booked and hopefully some discount, then take payment from everyone via the forum club account if possible?


ClioSport Moderator
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Yeah I'd be up for this date dependant as I work retail and you know what Christmas is like! Ha


ClioSport Club Member
  clio 172 phase 2
Yeah me and mate would be up for this dependant on the date
  Clio 200
There's a few lads I know who would probably be up for going - I'll sound it out with them; any ideas on dates yet?
  182 TC, Leon FR 184
only weekend I definetly can't do now is 16/17th as its me works xmas do, could do 18th suppose if we fancied Sundays.