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o2 Customer service

  White APE

Had loads of hassle in the past trying to get a contract with them cancelled.

Ive just had several old contracts i needed cancelling, one with Vodafone and one with 02. As i'd had bad times with getting things callenced before (them denying hearing from me asking to have it cancelled) i sent a letter to them both via recorded delivery asking them to cancel the contracts and that i would like a letter to show that the action has been taken - not a outrages request i thought.

Well i recieved a letter from Vodafone all ok, job done, but oh no, not o2! I sent the letter on the 30th sept, was delivered to them on the 2nd Oct and when i got back from Cornwall last night i still had not received anything from them.

Just phoned them up and after alot of hassle from the bint on the phone she tells me that yes the contract has been set to cancel next month but they dont actually contact you to tell you this, you just recieve a bill for final payment. I think its crap that they cant even reply to their customers (yes im leaving them but for good reason!!) had nothing but attitude from the several customer advisors i was passed between.

From all my experience with them they have the worse worst customer service ive recieved

Rant over :mad:


Haha good luck with vodafone - they're the worst from my experience!
I don't think they are to bad tbh.

Recently I have had major trouble with Sony Ericsson phones, (been through 5 k850s and 2 W980s) and they have always sent a new one out the next day, and even if that one has had trouble they always send another out.

But I have never had to deal with ending contracts, however I imagen that cancelling a contract will be a much bigger issue with them than asking for a replacement phone.

And they have always been relativly quick at answering the phone.
I managed to cancel my o2 contract with no hassle at all. Sent them a letter, they sent me the final statement and it was cancelled. I also rate their Broadband customer service.

Perhaps I just approached them with the right attitude....? ;)
  White APE
Direct Debit has been cancelled so they're not getting anymore dosh outa me apart from the final bill.

Vodafone have always been good and had no trouble ending that contract.

As far as im concerned i did approach them with the right attitude, sent them a formal letter, no attitude in it (same letter i sent to Vody) but o2 cant even pull they're fingers out of each others arses to acknowledge it.

Never going back to o2. Had to many bad experiences from them.