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o2 online order for contract. HELP!!

  Renault Clio1.2Versailles
hiya! yesterday i went to and ordered the samsung d900 on contract. I recieved an email from them straight after this saying thanks for my recent online order... and my order number. it said it was an automated email but it was proof of my order.

later on that day i recieve another email from 'mycare' saying - Thank you for your recent order. So that we can progress your application,
please could you arrange to contact us to discuss this further.
and i got this number - 0113 202 3373 - and phoning times.

and it gave me a reference number to quote on the phone.

now here is where i started to get suspicious...

now this is the first time i have had a contract phone, esp. with o2, and im just wanting to know if this stuff i'v had (mail) is normal and everything is legit, and if the number in the 2nd mail is legit too.

any help and input would be great!
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I had an 02 online contract last year mate..i just rang them up n went through everthing on the phone as i dont think i'd trust an interenet site to sort it all out..i'd rather speak to someone, at least that way you can prove you spoke to someone.

  Renault Clio1.2Versailles
yeh alan, ur rite, but that isn't the case, if u know what i mean... can you tell me if that 0113number is legit al? so i know im calling and talking to the right people?.. cheers matey
Yeah the numbers are usually along those lines mate....

But if you want to double check if you ring em up you'll get someone to speak to today..

  Citroen DS3 DSport
Phone o2 online on a number you know is legit and ask to be transferred to customer care, that way you know all is ok.
  Renault Clio1.2Versailles
hey guys, thanks for the advice i called the number on the email and my phone should be with me sometime on wednesday (sent out tuesday due to bank holiday) by DHL, i cant wait to see what the samsung D900 is like!!!