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Official 172 Cup Weight is

1021 KG (unladen).

Phase 1 172 is 1100 KG with full tank of petrol (give or take 5 KG).

Phase 2 172 is 1120 KG with full tank of petrol.

ill have a crack at it:-

172 mk2 1120kg with full fuel tank
172 unladen, say 1065

minus the following that i can think of:

wheel/tyre - 20kg
cd multiplay, different stereo - 10kg
different seat covers - 5kg
abs - 15kg
airbags - 2kg
bumber - 2kg?
sound deadening reduced - 10 kg
other interior bits (lights/mirror) 5kg
lighter glass - 5kg

thats 74kg that i can think of equals 991 unladen.

autocar said 979 i think so that could be closer than 1021 by renault....

i must have no life to even think about this!

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RPM - i aggree with you. The hand book that i got with my car (manual) says the weight of it is 1035 kg. I have heard that the mk.2 is 1110 kg due to the fancy lights, climate control (?) different interior, bigger wheels, lights washer jets with launching balls, general higher-grade interior plastic -seems a lot chunkier, different body panels, possible chassis stiffening etc.. Now 1110 kg minus 89kg = 1021 kg and there you have it.

Simon, i don´t understand what you agree to?:) 1076kg+Driver(~75kg)=1151kg

Spare wheel +toolkit +35litres of fuel = 52kg 1150-52=1098kg. Not to bad:D

Whats all the fuss about - whatever the differnec is you can be assured that the cup is 89+Kg lighter than the Mk2 172 - end of story full tank of fuel or no fuel - Next well be arguing about which petrol is lighter............I heard 98 octane is 2.93483489675483 per 1267litres lighter than 95Ron...................yawn yawn

Who is arguing? I am just eager to know my cars actual weight. Renault figures seem to be a bit off. I pay Roadtax related to my cars weight...etc
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PRM where we come from we pay road tax based on CO2 emissions and engine size mate I take it you dont live in the UK then ?

No ChavyBoy, i live in Sweden. Not that it matter if i have to pay 1110Sek (74£) for 1110kg or 69£ for 1035kg. I´m just curius.

Cheers. Lars.

Someone with a 172 Cup will be going to the same weight bridge soon with a full tank of petrol. The bridge is certified by the Department of Transport.

Anyway the good thing about using the same place is that we can compare differences between all the cars that have gone on.

Does anyone know when Renault changed from alloy to steel bonnets on the Mk1? Mine was delivered oct 2000.
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Mines magnetic, but its really light and its a Y-reg.

Can people with the mk.2 172s please look in their hand books and see what their cars weigh? it seems that the mk.2 172s weigh 75kg more than the mk.1s. I wonder if i could get the thinner glass and get the sound deadening removed etc etc from mine? thatd be 1035 kg minus 89 kg making 946kg, toidy.