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Official-DIY ECU Reset...doesnt work!

  320d M Sport

Phew! Had my car at Reno today for about 8 things!! Whilst it was there they HAD to reset the ECU as it was "extremely strange" and "as if someone had been juggling with it". BY that i mean there was just plain weird stuff goin on in the ECU, they had listed about 20 faults in the ECU!! Stupid stuff like alarm, immob, speedo rating, emissions, all wrong! None of the Reno Technicians could understand how the car had been driving properly and asked if it had been cutting out, flat battery etc (err no!). Anyway theyve reset it and all is fine... Only thing I can think of has to be the DIY Ecu reset (you know the one) as I tried this the other week, needless to say I wont be doing it again!!! Anyone else found it may have fecked their car up???


ps-they told me to take it easy till my cars 100%....FECK!!
  320d M Sport

They had to Flush it completely, ie link it through to their main computer! Honestly they had 4 pages of faults!! Not good!

I reckon mine must need reseting as well. The light is still on. Car is running OK though. good that you got yours sorted out.
  Skoda Fabia vRS

maybe thats why it was so fast mate cos everythin was setup diff? hehe......and now they have gone and made it slower........only jokin hehe