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Offset on a mark 1 clio RT

Can anyone help? I want to know what the offset is and whether alloys with an offset of 43 will be ok.

Theyre of a new clio 172. Cos ive almost bought them, and just thought about whether the offset is ok :oops:

  BMW 320d Sport

Im doing the same thing with the valver. Putting 172 wheels on it. Pretty sure all original Clios were 36mm offset. So youll need spacers to push the wheels out a bit.

no clio offset on mk1s are 42 on base models and 16v. the r5 turbo wheels are 36 offset as are meganes and 21s.. ofset 50 is for the laguna and then 52 for thwe 21 5 stud wheels.

they should fit mate only tiny bit out should be ok