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Oh great.... What a day :(


East Of England - Norfolk
ClioSport Area Rep
  Liquid Yellow 182
What a day! First of all I found, this morning that, my passenger side footwell was soaking! Still looking for the cause of that. Then I discovered the carpet under each front seat was also soaking! Still looking for that too :/

I did all this at my parents due to the fact they have a pit. So on my way home I hit a pot hole and a nice small crack appeared in the bottom passengers side windscreen..... Can't believe my damn luck this weekend :(

Also any advice on the damp carpets??
  Storm Grey 200
Sounds like blocked drains under the scuttle panel, whip it off and you may find some well rotted vegetatione
  FF 182
99% sure it will be a blocked drain under the scuttle panel.
My car was resembling a fish tank with all the rain we've had. I found that the centre drain was blocked. It's been ok since
  BMW M135i
And don't just unblock the drain and be done with it, you need to get the carpet and the undercarpet foam out else it'll go mouldly.