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Oil deep stick - problem !

Hi, to all.
Today is the second time this happends.
I open up the bonet, to see oil drops splashed all over the engien bay, i look to see why and as before , the oil deep stick (you know the orange one) jumped out of place.
The last time it happend i didnt noticed, and drove like this for a week, and got all the engien bay dirty with oil.
I cleaned everything up, and today, about a month later, it happened again.

Did this happen to any of you ?

Do you know what could cause this ?
I know it could be a "compression" problem in the worst case, but it might just be the vibrations.

Please, help !

This is often due to increased levels of crankcase pressure. It could be one of these. 1. The pistons rings are suffering blow past (gases getting through) which in turn pressurises the crankcase force dipstick up, and sometimes bad oil leaks. Check your compression figures, if low, put a little oil down the spark plug hole, and retest. If compression is now higher, you have piston/bore wear or ring problems 2. Alternatively and hopefully, it might just be a blocked crankcase breather, check it especially if you have fitted and induction kit and the breather is no longer connected to anything (often the airbox). It could also as u suggested, just rattled lose.

Alex M

Tell me, if it actualy is a compression problem, as you said - the rings, wouldnt this happen all the time ?
Wouldnt i feel something in the day to day drive ?
Wouldnt i see white smoke from the exhaust, or when opening the oil fill cap ?

As i said, i drive the car pretty hard and it only happend once before about a month ago, and yesterday.

It allso jumped today after some races with an Impreza but it only jumped half way.

What do you, think.

Did no one else experience this ?