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oil drip after change


ClioSport Club Member
  Sunflower Ph1
Just changed the oil and filter this morning and all seemed ok, but just checked a couple hours later and ive a small drip from the sump plug.

I replaced the washer and its up tight, but obviously something isnt sealing.

In the pack were 2 washers,

one metal with a rubber inner ring, the other a plan copper washer. I used the metal and rubber one - so first question was that the right one.

now if i drain the oil out again would I be ok to use the copper one this time round.

cleaned the sump plug and wiped the bottom of the sump over, so bit peeved its dripping.

my other other hinddight thought, is i didnt see the old washer come off, is it possible this stayed stuck on the sump and now i have 2 washers, hence the lack of seal.
Are you sure it's not just from where you've changed the filter? It's difficult not to spill any when unscrewing the filter tbh. It could just be slowly running down and accumulating on the lowest point

I'd give the whole thing a good clean down and check again before dropping the oil a second time.


ClioSport Club Member
  Sunflower Ph1
Problem all sorted.

Took the under tray off totally and found the washer so that excluded that. Cleaned it all up and no drip so guess was just from the change residue.

Just needed patience and a clean