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Ok PPl, it moves!!

  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

Done 569 Miles in it now, took it out early this morning pushed it up to 5000 rpm, and was doing just over 70 mph in no time! Very, very impressed and very happy. This is most definately the best car i have ever owned and will take some beating!, give it a bloody good clean (as a bit of a reward).

Gaz 2130

Hi Gaz

Certainly does, but do you find that it never really pushes you back in your seat, and the only way you can tell how quick it is, is by looking at the speedo and the line of traffic in your rear view mirror??

My previous car always felt quick as well, although I know that the 172 is quicker because of speeds attained on little sections of road versus what I used to get to in my old car!

  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

absolutely Mike! thats what i like about it the best! It p*sses over everything on the road and doesnt even look, feel or sound like it is trying. Its a classy motor, but i seem to be filling it up very often!

Very true......although it does get a nice exhaust/induction note as the revs build, but certainly nothing brash or tacky. I just went up the road to get something from the shops, had to stop at a pedestrian crossing and this BMW (no idea which) flew up behind me. When I pulled away on green, I only took it to 4000 in 1st and 2nd, and it was barely keeping up and was trying. God knows what would have happened if Id actually tried.

And I havent even opened it up fully yet because its still in its running in period. I occasionally air her lungs, but dont tend to go above 5k, and mainly keep below 3500.
  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

sounds like what i am doing too Mike, how many miles on yours? I tend to keep to 3500/4000 on average, and then give it a bit of a push but stay below 5000. 572 Miles so far.


Mine is at 210 miles now. It proves that there ARE disadvantages to working locally!!! Ive had to work hard to get that on it.

What MPG are you getting? Im actually quite impressed with mine (although I did drive a turbocharged car before so Im used to very crap MPG). I havent reset the trip computer since filling her up with a tank of Optimax, and its showing an average of 33MPG which I think is bloody good for a 2 litre car!! The 2 litre Vectras I drive at work have a trip comp and they get about 20-25 round town.

Whoops, just remembered your trip computer wasnt working so you wont know the answer!! Does it feel like a lot then? Did Renault fix it?

I wouldnt worry to much about over reving these engines when they are new and pussying about, drive them like you intend to drive it (but not to the limiter) but with three rules:

Absolutely not until it is well and truly warm,

Always vary the engine revs, so it beds in evenly at all speeds (sitting at one speed on the motorway for a few hundred miles is bad, bearing shells dont wear properly like that, got to vary it all acroos the rev range)

Never let it labour

And if you can help it, avoid really short journeys when its cold, sh*ts the oil up quicker. And if you can, get the oil and filter done after 1500 miles, by this time any bits and high spots from the bores will be in the sump or the filter, and you want them out of there. If you go to the dealer, insist on seeing the old sump washer and filter, some of the b******s use an extractor and suck it out the oil filler cap, leaving all the sh*t in sump, and some may even charge you for it and not actually do it...........
  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

yeh my trip computer is still not working so i have no idea what MPG i am getting, but it doesnt seem too bad for a 172bhp 2.0L.

Wel,, Im getting about 22-23mpg!!!!

The RTE and my local reno told me yesterday that reno uk now all about the inaccuracies about the trip computer and are currently working on a fix!

he said hes call me when there was a fix available and would then replace the computer. Dont know if this is why my mpg is so low.

  ICE'dberg MK2 172

I got 34 mpg on the round trip to Brands last week...and that was with only getting it into 3rd on a couple of occasions when doing the laps.....paddock bend is mental!!!!;)

Never trust the trip computer!!!

OK at the moment, my trip comp is telling me Im averaging 32.5mpg and have used 5.3 gallons of my 11 gallons. It is therefore estimating about 140 miles till filling up. BUT the manual petrol guage is only one line from empty.

What do I believe? If the computer is wrong on the MPG, is it also wrong at how much fuel Ive used? If I went by the trip comp, Id think I had half a tank left.

Nothing you can do apart from wait for the light to come on, and hope your not to far from an Optimax fountain. Not sure if the low fuel light is a float switch or not though.
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Technicalman or a BP garage, they sell 98 ron Super unleaded as well but its a tad more expensive than Optimax.

Mikeherts - dont believe either of them! Ive run out of fuel by relying on the computer. Alledgedly you should get 11 gallons in, but I regularly put 46/47 litres (10.1 - 10.3 gallons) even though the computer says Ive only used 9.2/9.3 gal.

And my gauge on the instrument panel will show half empty even though the computer says Ive used only 2.3 gallons.

Only the Low Fuel warning light seems reasonalbly accurate, warning me when I have (apparently) 35 miles (1 gallon/4.5 litres) worth of fuel remaining. When this comes on I fill up as soon as is practically convienient regardless of what the other counters say.