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OK, whats wrong with it now

if the car has been lowered correctly by the same amount either side, then this means that one of your torsion bars is fuuked

7mm is the maximum difference allowed.
  Clio 197

Pure and utter conjecture on my part. Tongue in cheek so to speak...

But I have seen some cars listing well to the left in the USA...lots of really enormous people there!
  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams


I have got a complete rear beam available from the Williams if need be.

More likely the shocks sagged with age...alof of Rens Ive had in the past have showed this trait.


Yeah, I have seen it on a Green RSi at R-Tec. They concluded theat there was nothing that they could do about it after playing twith the otrsion bar for ages
  BMW Z4 2.5si Sport


how blonde and girly does this sound????? but took it to the local Ford garage... diagnosed fault..... flat tyres, both tyres on the rh side were flat :confused:
  Clio 197

I read somehwere that blondes will soon be extinct. Sad really, but it is a recessive gene, and according to the article will be wiped out in a hundred years or so.

Moral of the story is enjoy the real ones whilst you can. Of course most of them come out of a bottle these days anyway so Id imagine they will be with us forever...

The genuine ones that I have known are pretty bright...

please leave us blondes alone, were not a stupid as we make out, its just a great excuse when we fu*k something up;)

bambam! Tell Louise I did actually say her tyres were flat! I spotted it first! Do I get a prize?

I did tell Ade, but you must have heard! hehe. :D


i never heard a thing, i didnt even look at the car because i would have had no decent contribution to add, although i think if i looked at it i may have noticed the flat tyres:D

I was quite worried with my scraping tyres on me arches at the time too - and I still noticed. Arwell, its all fun innit :D


Dont remember a thing daz;)

Sorry lou didnt mean to scare you with tales of torsion bars!

Oh and while im here, lou clean ur car:D tiz xmas afterall.