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okay, how much do you think this will cost me

hi there,

Im toying with the idea of having some parts of my car colour-coded. Some will be done in pearl-black, some in silver. id like to have the silver colour match the silver of the side flashes on the door rub-strips (where it says 2.0 16v).

All the black plastic parts around the door mirror areas - in black paint

The black plastic strip in the rear bumper area - in black or silver (opinions on colour here, please)

The black plastic areas around the front fog lights - in black.

The front grilles (the ones by the renault badge and the lower one) - in silver.

not sure what this bit is called, but its the big plastic part at the bottom of the front windscreen, where the windscreen wipers are mounted - in black - if indeed this part can be done.

now i know prices will vary vounty by county, but the thing is, i have no idea if it would cost hundreds or thousands to do. i want to have a professional job done. so perhaps someone could give me a few ballpark figures on prices.



i think the raw dark grey/back-ish plastic looks awful.

personally, i think it would look a lot nicer if it was all colour-coded properly, i dont know why reno dodnt do that from the off. Oh, yes i do, it would have cost them money. Silly me!

AND, if all the plastic was painted, it would stop me having to spend ages picking out all the wax that always somehow manages to find its way onto the plastic.

So, any ideas on cost?



Slightly O/T but my car is visiting the bodyshop this week and they will have to respray the rear bumper - do you think I should get them to colour code the black strip?