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old rs4

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  Mondeo ST220
I was looking at B5 S4s before I got my ST (beleive they are the same engine but RS4 has bigger turbos).

Such a nice sounding car. Starting to look a little dated though. And no matter how reliable Audi's reputation is the high mileage would worry me. I also read quite a few things on turbo problems and blowing, expensive if it goes wrong so didn't want to take the chance.
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Lovely car im sure.

Does anyone know the real cost of ownership on these things.I think not


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My mechanic has a Yellow saloon in at the moment needing two new turbos.

He said the Audi book time for labour was 18 hours!!!

I think the whole thing, done and dusted is going to cost the guy just under 3k! Ouch!

I'd have one but only if i was rich. They cost so f**king much to run.