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Omex Problems

  206 GTI
I'm having bother with getting my omex ecu set up properly. the car starts (mk2 172) and runs but is not running right as the ecu still has a map on it from when the car was going to run tb's. when we plug the laptop into the ecu it just says ecu offline all the time. also the rev counter does not work and neither does the temperature guage :-s.

Can anyone offer some advice on what the problem may be or shed some light on this as its basically the only thing stopping me from getting the car back
If the stock ECU is running the car why do you want the Omex?
EIther get rid of the Omex and fix the wiring for the coolent tempe sensor (I'd guess the coolent lugged into the Omex) and fix the rev counter by fixing the wiring from the ABS computer (or gearbox sensor if you've got one) to the normal ECU and away you go.
Or sort out the Omex and get that to run the car.
Have you ever got online via the laptop/cable you are trying? It could be a number of things if you havent.

If you have got online before, try 'ECU' menu then 'wakeup'.
If the car will start and run, but the PC will not connect to the ecu then power etc isnt your problem. I've had simple problems that are similar where no matter how much you play with com ports and baud rate options it just wont 'sense' the ecu. I swapped over to another ECU and it connected fine. I'd try another laptop as an option.

The tacho problem is if you have spliced the TDC sensor wire direct into the omex and away from the OE ecu, thus it wont know rpm and it wont send it to the dash. Same goes for the temp sensor which in OE trim supplies the OE ecu with info aswell as the dash.

however the fastest and best thing to do, if its a standard engine or near standard, is to simply remove the omex system.


  V6, R500, Jeep SRT
There OMEX are more trouble than there worth. Alan ditch it mate, we want to see you at a meet this yr! ;)
  206 GTI
I cant ditch the Omex as the car is now cable throttle and with the cams etc needs a map. Thanks for all the advice guys we'll have another look at it then take it from there :)
  206 GTI
I've tried 2 different laptops and neither will connect to the OMEX but as said before the car does start and run :-S. Does anyone have any ideas on what i can do as all i need to do is connect to the ecu and load on a map and the car will be done. I'm geting desparate now :-(
  206 GTI
As far as i know Ben yeah. I think i'll give omex a call and even if i need to buy another serial cable as it could be something as daft as that lol. Thanks for the replies aswell guys i appreciate the help :)