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  320d M Sport


Kevin Stokes (A.K.A. Big Poppa)


Sorry but that looks utter cack.....

what a tw*t...

i like the "1.4 megane conversion, with sports gearbox and uprated clutch" - has he not heard of an RT?

...worth it? oh dear.

heres a list of wordsthat will make me tw*t someone if he says (in words):


"fcuk" - that fastcar thing really pisses me off!



oh, and have you read the quote: "Then heads started turning every time it was seen up at the centre or cruizin down the boulevard"

....thats because they were pissing themselves mate!

(and have you seen the pic of his neons...should have pride of place on halfords forecourt)

Clios first car. Next car will b a BMW 318 or Pug 206.

Or infact a Unimog seeing as you have such an obvious snowplough obsession you bafoon.

Didnt do a good job on bluring the reg... J765 MLS i bet hes wondering why he getting so many hits on his page!! he probably luvs it even more now!

The front looks like aN unhappy trout.

I feel sorry for His bird. OH THE SHAME OF IT - being seen in a car like that.

Maybe theres a like between unhappy trout and his bird .........

  Clio v6

Quote: Originally posted by Paul Freemantle on 16 January 2003

I feel sorry for His bird. Maybe theres a likeness between an unhappy trout and his bird .........

More than likely I guess.

BTW Do we choose a bUrd to match our cars, if so mines definalety that pug the Asian/Indian guy makes on the TV advert.

Disclaimer :

Someone else is responsible for this post not me, Honest Dear.