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On-line Quotes

Sfunny - Ive been checking myself this morning and so far only ( and Bell Direct ( will do anything on line. All the others trip up at the "is this car modified in ANY way question. If you are honest and say yes they tell you to "f*** off and stop bothering them!"

That last bit is prehaps paraphrasing a little but thats basically the message.

elephant seemed quite good declaring all mods was bout 1300 fully comp, bell direct seemed like the same website with a different logo? he he carnt wait till my renewal comes through :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:

will kill myself if the valver has to go coz of fat b******s in suits...

Halifax car insurance have cheap prices for a valver and can quote anyone aged 20 or over, even with no NCD. They have an online quote system also.