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on the hunt

  mk2 172

weathers been good, the missus is going out and im skint, however i do have half a tank of go go juice,and im supposed to be in bed poorly tonight;), as iv had a chest infection all week and its not getting better so i said il try to get better by staying in. but i feel the temptation is too strong. having some problems with the bloody focus on the cam at the minute. see if i can test it by getting a few victims later...............

LOL well I had my first proper "encounter" as a willie owner tonight. The few so far have been idiots in slow cars. Just finished work and came up to the roundabout to the dual carrageway. There is a beautiful looking car in front with Mitusbishi on one side of the boot lid and GR on the other - it had a 3-4" exhaust sticking out the back. We hit the dual carrageway but i assumend he was uninterested so just floored it in 3rd with low revs to see if he was going for it - and he did. Once i was up into the power i was very gradually gaining on him until we hit traffic. It probably was a FTO but i havent seen one that looked like this - different front and back from what i can find. The std GR has on 170bhp i think (i know virtually nothing about FTOs) and i dont know how heavy it is but it was quite quick and judging by the exhaust could have been modded.
  mk2 172

i always wanted an fto scalp in the willy carlos, reckon it would be close to 130 paddy, then you might just have the edge lol

Thought FTOs have 190 odd bhp. Was thinking about getting one, but apart from the engine, most write ups said it was nothing special. 0-60 in about 7.2 and loads of them have tiptronic type automatic gear boxes. Your result sounds about right.

My Williams has gone back to the garage tonight. Missing it already :(

Oh yeah, had this Merc behind me earlier and I went to well over 100 with it just behind me. Was a CL55 AMG and, as I have just read in Evo has a top speed of 180mph! I think he was probably not only not trying, but fast asleep.

  mk2 172

i saw the p1 i raced in the williams earlier paddy, might hunt him down and take his splitter, i mean scalp

I had a guy in a Scoob try it on last night but i was escorting my Girlfriend in a knackered ZX home. He was in a W reg Turbo so i would have been gubbed anyway. The ZX Heater matrix died apparantly - meaning that instead of hot air, the ZX Heater was blowing out steam!! To finish it off the electrics for the windows blew so my GF could not get any windows open. Mobile Sauna anyone?:)

CRAGGY....i want to race you! i am on fire at the moment and my flying starts only seem to get better and better, at the races last night i beat an R5 GTT(standard boost but chip, zorst, filter and some sought of cooler?), and for the first time actually BEAT my mates 20v turbs. beat some 106 gtis with some VTSs thrown in for good measure so if your free on thursday, let me know! i have a score to settle for the 16valvers out there!
  TT 225

hehehe - go Mr Clean! i couldnt make it AGAIN :( but will be out at a cruise/meet type thing in Aintree tonight
  mk2 172

clean,ill race you anytime mate in your heavily modded valver he he, although dont you only race to about 70 on ur turf, im talking triple figures baby! not calling u baby before anyone says owt! now where a good place. how about tonight

fto = pooooo pooo

makes more noise than moves.. if thats a triptronic im a 60ft alien... porsche have that tm i think ... its more like a grandad shift/automatic its for actual car id say cheap nasty plastic everywhere handles like a bus crashy banging ride quality i thought a nova sr was better... lucky if one can hit 60 in 7 secs..:)
  320d M Sport

im gonna practice my starts this weekend...... will probably loose all my tyres as im sh*te et it, just cant get it right!!! FECKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

Wow that sounds like a challenge Craggy.............I darent turn up my Cup my get toasted by these modded cars! he he!

I cant wait till the r-sport goodeis come out then well see whos boss!

Craggy did the post meet your requirements?

On the FTO front I used to own a manual GPX, the fastest you can buy etc etc... Biggest pile of poo I have ever owned, truly terrible car. Looked OK but sent you to sleep driving it and really not that fast. Mine was about 7 ish 0-60 and was pushing 190 BHP....

God Im boring myself writing this....

Crap, crap car! And expensive to insure!!!


craggy, we dont even get to 70 on my turf but surely thats all that is important in the 16valve/VTS battle? for all those interested my engine mods are not highly important, 122BHP at wheels BUT i peak at 6k instead of 7K where other valvers peak, the most important mod(apart from obviously power!) is my ROCK hard coilovers=no squat=drop the clutch at 5k=no wheelspin=feckin sh*t hot starts! Bring it on craggy, will PM you with somat that might interest you, otherwise, just say when and where but thursday nights are your best bet to race some other cars too.

My hot camd willy doesnt go in:eek: til april the fifth, along with new clutch so i have about a month to rape the hell outa this engine and clutch!
  mk2 172

think it does matter mate!, whoever gets the best start will win, wont give time for those sixteen valves of pure pleasure to wind up in 4 gears and show who has the most go, now through the gears that would give a chance of a faster car to come back and win????
  williams and trophy

yeah we need at least a mile straight, get some top end runs in too

i have just the place this space
  320d M Sport

i bet Jon would as well. Come on then. wheres this road?! I need it to race my mate when he (eventually) gets his TT!

Paddy, there was a TT at the thusday night thing, i was desperate to race it! it was getting slapped by an MR2 turbo which i reckon(bearing in mind my launches and shortness of strip!) i could keep with. You, Jon and Craggy really should try and come down to the thursday night events, i think you would more then enjoy it!
  williams and trophy

747s arent that quik mate

iv beat em down the m4 in me caddy van lol

wot im really after is that concorde thing.......thats supposed to be fairly nippy

but ill keep ya posted on te road cos i gotta suss out best times etc yet lol

and 1 for paddy

  320d M Sport

thought id bump this as ill be on the hunt tonight too! :devilish: missus is out on works do, mates have all gone out with their birds so i got a night on me todd!! let the petrol guzzling begin, yee-ha!