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On the way home...

  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

I dont think all the people in that crysler people carrier were too happy with the insane overtaking manouver from Craggy (I think it was you I saw only just make it past).

I overtook them afterwards also, and they were up my arse all the way home when we were in the traffic.

Anyway when we stopped at the lights they pulled allong side me, opened the sliding side door and were shouting all kinds of abuse at me. Calling us Fcuking w*****s and everything!

I think they were a tad upset, shame I was on the receiving end..!

Top night anyway lads (and lass)

So, you are actually saying .... that Craggy made an insane overtakin manouver.. when he just made it past

.. me translates to............

Sheeeeeeeeeeet.. that guy is queeeeeeeeeeek........ from this angle it looked dodgy... but I trust him...!!!

If Craggy made it.. he was either on a roll (Probaby !) or, he learnt by it... who gives a sh*t..

try to be more non-diplomatic ....

  mk2 172

he he!!!, hi everyone, top night! some cool rides and high speed action, it was me that c*** was angry wiv, he tried giving chase and i thought he was gonna use my rear end as his brake on one corner, what a t**ser, so i opened her up on the exit. dont know what his problem was. didnt like being overtaken, at corners i think, matt nearly got himself squashed as well, wonder if it was chrysler guy?, he he, its all good fun, until your brakes light up!

look forward to the next one

  evo x rs

The lad in the pug gti was the closest to coming a cropper. He only just got passed before hitting an oncoming car. I think I was the only one that saw that. Not to worry all in a days work.

Anyway craggy down the slip road onto the motorway how was you doin against me? Boy that williams of yours is quick, much quicker than I thought.

Any folks cheers for a top meet, see you all again soon!!!
  mk2 172

oh by the way, is anyone elses car feeling a little loose after all that? think it needs a rest, darent look at my brakes, there probably banana discs now, ah well, its all good fun

  evo x rs

i have a strange vibration coming from the passenger area. Fcuk knows what that is, anyway another noise/rattle to add to the collection
  mk2 172

couldnt really notice a difference chris, seemed to be staying the same, shame we never had much of a chance on the motorway to floor em at the same time from the same speed, cheers for the compliments, those 172s and 16v are no slouch either!

  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

Craggy, them t**sers in the crysler probably thought i was you at the lights. They would have only seen a flash of blue and gold as you passed em!!

I seem to have got a weird vibration on the way home. Sure it will be ok tomorrow!

And what the fcuk was happening with that skin head and th old bloke in the white car. I just remember seeing an old man with a white beard half hanging out his car with the door open and flooring it to get away! Madness!

Nice cars anyway everyone, and Craggy I think you deserve the world record for quickest gear change in a Williams ever! Was well impressed, although im sure your gearbox isnt
  mk2 172

this ones lasting quite well actually, a few crunches here and there but it seems to take the punishment, i think these little get togethers bring out the mcrae in eveyone, gave myself a few frights and im sure every one else gave themselves a scare at some point, im off to have a very cold shower now, one particular dodgy move was on one off the first corners, broke way to late into a corner so had to nail it, could feel back end dying to jump out it was a bit wobbly, from then on was adrenaline until the cars stoppers dont let you do owt else, not the safest roads by any stretch of the imagination but a bloody good laugh!

  Clio 197

Sounds like you all need to get your arses over to the ring! I did three hours there this morning and feel much better. Heading back tomorrow. Only bad bit is the autobahn on the wy to and from. Willy is a bit buzzy at 6500 rpm. At least there are not Gatsos or cops looking for speeders!

Hi all - cheers for all the rides in yer lurverly cars And Craggy.....theres you mocking my three in a row overtaking manouvre (entirely safe, BTW. Girlfriend didnt even get pissed at me) and then you give a muppet a dose of road rage. Haha!

Rhys entirely safe as driving on the wrong side of the road can be. Must have been the angle you saw it from or something......


when I went to overtake that car he floored it and made it as difficult as possible for me to get passed, was quite a close call.
  mk2 172

he was a f***in first class stroker mate that chrysler guy.

ps has your mate(sorry i didnt catch his name) got that footage in a format we can watch on ere?

  320d M Sport

Damn!! Sounds like I missed a top one! Fancy that, Rhys and Craggy doing ropey overtaking manouvres??? Ill be damned

Paddy-hopefully at the next one
  mk2 172

any idea when matt cs gonna have it sorted matt? only im off to scotland tomorrow and wouldnt mind seeing some footage!




  Shiny red R32

I dont know if Scotland is ready for you Craggy!

Unless you have a kilt in the Craggy tartan!
  mk2 172

hi ladies

scotland has already been ready for me gr, go to motherwell/hamilton quite regular but always seem to end up in a stir in the pubs for some reason, got plenty of stories from bad happenings in hamilton! think its cos i drink a little too much. my mums scottish so ill have to see if we got a kilt, pretty sure we have, come to think of it, i know we have, never had the pleasure tho