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Ooooooooo Nice Tyres

  Skoda Fabia vRS

i jus been to Halfords, now i did only go for some inline crimp connectors, however i saw a car on the way with gleamin tyres, so i had a look at that too when i got in there, and could i resist buyin it, could i f**k

i got Turtle Wax Extreme Tyre Gel, its smells weird but i like it, and it does a really good job, just have to wait an see how long it lasts, though it does say it lasts longer than sprays
  Skoda Fabia vRS

o, an i never see 172s down my way

but on the way there an back i saw 2, 1 red an one black, both mark 2s......dont spose anyone on here was passin through St Helens tonight ?
  Skoda Fabia vRS

i think this Extreme range must be the new premium T/W range, as ive only jus noticed it does cost a bit more than the other stuff, ive never really fancied tryin but i think im gonna try the rest of the range now
  Astra 1.9cdti XP

Since you appear to be talking to yourself I will join in!

I have always used the Extreme Turtle was stuff and it is great especially the tyre gel, just make sure it dries before u use the car otherwise you will get loads of crap stuck to your wheels!!