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Opinions... before it’s too late:

  Ziel Nurburgring

Tough call, i think it depends on the finished look your going for.

What did you think of Sis (may it rust in peace)?

Black alloys with white lettering might be an idea.
  Clio 197

Phew! Well, the good thing is that I have black on order.

Many thanks for the opinions... keep em coming!

White lettering might be an option, but Ill do that myself - Ill get charged for it otherwise!


ClioSport Club Member
  Weeman sucks ****

Matt black or anthracite with yellow writing, which is what im doing as and when:D

like them both mate but the white will get dirtyer quicker. the white stand out more too but stil both v. nice

  LY 200

Nooooooooo to your original post!!!

I like the originals but some of those team dynamics wheels on the other hand!!!:D