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my cup with 2020’s and prospeed!

  1995 Mondeo Speed Machine

Are they 15s? They look a bit weird not filling the arches.

Great design tho, might get some for mine.
  Ph1 172

jus got back from a long drive and the car felt so different 15s on compared to the 17s, they have totally transformed it lol;)
  Clio 197


Does it handle better? (how different to 16s?).

What tyres are you running? (195/50?).

I have a set of 15s on order, but dont know whether to cancel it..
  Pug 306 GTi-6

Those wheels r mint, can anyone confirm that they will fit onto a mk1? and if so where do you get them from? I need some!!!
  255 V6 Black Gold

nice wheels

IMO i dont like the exhaust, it looks like its hanging off the car, MILES better when they are cut into the bumper.
  Ph1 172

Quote: Originally posted by haitch on 02 April 2005

..i see the graphics...had any work done at Mark Fish? nice rims btw :cool:
i had a few probs with exhaust and engine/ gearbox mounts which renault could not sort out, so took the cup to mark and he fixed it all 1st time. TOP BLOKE:D
  Ph1 172

Thx 4 comments, im hopin 2 get coilovers sum time this year so u never no the cup might be that low one day tri0 ;)
  Ph1 172

exhaust cost £360, it is 2 1/2 inch all the way through with a decat and centre silencer.

Im very happy with it the sound is like nothing i have ever heard except on chris172cups lol ;)


ClioSport Admin
  LY 220 Trophy

Looking good nath, was well impressed when i heard your exhaust - so not suprised your so happy with it.

I think the tailpipe looks too much like an ordinary peashooter. It certainly doesnt make the car look sporty.

I do however love the wheels. A bit small but white is nice on a blue car:cool:


ClioSport Club Member
  Weeman sucks ****

Mate, they look the nuts. You HAVE TO get some H&Rs now, youll love em. Im tempted by those wheels myslef. We could start a trend off.

Now that does look like a cup racer;) spot on.

The wheels look so cool, i planned to get them as well. You need to slam it like 120mm though! Then it would look bad ass. Remove all the stupid stickers off of the back..

  Clio Mk1 172

Awesome wheels!!

Not too sure about the exhaust tho....would look nicer cut into the bumper.

What size tailpipe is it??


ClioSport Club Member
  Weeman sucks ****

Quote: Originally posted by Deano172 on 04 April 2005
Awesome wheels!!Not too sure about the exhaust tho....would look nicer cut into the bumper.What size tailpipe is it??

Same as mine, 2.5 inch, no rolls in or out just like the cup car;) They sound very good.
  Ph1 172

in regard to opinions on whole pee shooter thing, i didnt want sum stupid rsturbo 4 inch can on the rear lol, an as chris172cup said, it certainly dont sound like a pee shooter :devilish: