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Opinions on Saxo’s please

VTR or VTS ... thats the question...

No, Im not buying either but what are peoples opinions on them ???

good ? bad ? or what

and how do they compare to a Pug 106 gti

(in peoples opinions??)

I think peoples opinions on this subject has been expressed many’a’time… you’d be better off searching old threads to get a balanced view…

My views on Saxos are not balanced!

For one, VTRs are sh*t!! They are SLOW!!! t**sers drive them cos they can get free insurance on them!!

VTSs i can respect as being very fast, well handling cars. I do not for a second deny that.

But they are the new Novas! COMMON AS MUCK!!!

Thats why i love my 16v so much! Fast as a VTS and not nearly as common!

i quite like saxos to be honest. My mate has a VTS and it has always been a really good car.

But as you may no, you can no longer buy a new saxo. god knows why they have replaced them with that c3
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The VTS is 16v the VTR is 8 valve both are 1.6s.

The VTS has if I remember a similar engine as the 106 GTi in terms of HP. I prefer the 106 cause its not a saxo and it handles like a go kart.

My friend has a 106 GTi with leather and it is schweet !!!!!!
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what are the main differences between the VTR and VTS? apart from the 16V engine and the wheels? isnt handling the same for both cars? Isnt there only a second or so in the 0-60 time of the two cars also and its like half the insurance group rating?

I think if you do a search on previous "saxo" threads you will see that it is pretty much impossible to get a "balanced view" on them - this is, after all a Clio forum!!!! and a lot of us are at least a bit biased I would say.

I dont like the Saxo in General but I think the VTR is a good package for its low ins group.

Its not a bad looking car, just has an ever growing reputation.. for the worse.

I remember when the duo first appeared - before the cheap insurance deals and 1.1s with the VTR/S bodykit.

Basically, the VTR is the next XR2 and the VTS will be doomed to a future where no-one respects it or believes it can be fast. Thats a shame as the VTS and 106 GTi are one and the same car.

VTRs are mostly pap driven by little boys given it the large. They cant be that good as people buy them and then spend loads modifying them. Why??
VTSs are quick but are in no way as classy as the pug. 106 with leather? Very nice!
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You can still buy a Saxo!!! The C3 isnt a replacement for the Saxo as far as I know.

The VTS is being advertised at £9999 with one years insurance, bargain I reckon!

I got rid of my black vtr earlier this year, just b4 I got my clio, and i have to say it was a fantastic car. It might not have been particularly fast, but it handled beautifully and was a joy to drive. I would also have to agree that they are becoming common as muck now though. I dread to think of some little scally driving round in my old saxo.

i dont think there bad cars its just the there a bit common. i regularly see about 10 vtr a day as i live near a local citreon garage but my bro has one and there fun little car, VTS are much rarer and are real hot hatches.

if your 17/18 i dont think there is a better car for the money than a VTR loadsa fun cheap to ins and real punchy engine. they handle the nuts too. they can go round corners like there stuck to the road, there is a few things i dont like about them though but, they got crap cheap interior. crap gear change and pedal are too close.

VTR is identical to the VTS bar the engine and box.both real fun cars. VTS is identical to 106 but pug has honed the cars handling a little better than citreon has and i guess this comes from the experience with the 306 and 205 gti.
all three cars handle like go karts but will bite back harder than a 205 gti if you lift off mid bend

think most people dont like saxos coz of the people that drive them not coz of the cars. just the way it is really.
if you take time to drive one you would be suprised. my car been off the road for a week and im ddriving my bros VTR. besdies it being much slower its lots of fun


Im so glad that Renault didnt make anything except the 16v and Williams with the arches and bonnet bulge.

Can you imagine seeing a 1.2 special edition Clio with arches and bulge. Most of us here - and the rest of the cult following - probably wouldnt think so highly of the 16v/Willy if that had been so.

well having started this i thought i ought to add my own thoughts on the matter

i prefer the 106 gti from a style / looks point of view.....

both cars are fairly dated now however i just prefer the look of the 106 with or without leather (me julie has just bought a pre-leather ones)

there is something im not quite sure about with the saxos in standard guise... cant put my finger on it but i they dont do it for me....

ive never driven a saxo but ive driven the other halfs 106 and it does go very well.... i was impressed...

i used to own a VTR and thought it was an excellent car (old shape too!). Handled superbly, great fun to drive. Is there a quicker group 7 insurance car?
  Audi S3

got to agree that its the people that drive them!
Cant count how many Kids that try to race me in there vtrs
There nice cars but in the end there just cheep 106s
id rather have the 106 gti anyday ova a vts

  BMW 320d Sport

Id never get a Saxo. I looked at a VTS when I was looking for something to replace my 1.4 RT and sat in it for a minute or two then got out. Too cramped inside.

Dunno about the 106 interior, but I think its a stunning little hatch and I know from bitter experience, its a real pocket rocket in the right hands. One of the few genuine hot hatches on the roads, and Peugeot have got the pedigree behind them which Citroen havent, unless you count the AX GT.


ClioSport Club Member
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Well, I first drove a VTS and was very impressed with the performance for a 1.6 litre engine and started thnking I might like one.

Then I saw a 106 GTi and fell in love.

I actually ended up buying that same car too...

Was a 1998 S-Reg, in China Blue, with the black leather/alcantara interior and it was a superb car!

Fantastic handling, great performance, very nicely trimmed up, great equipment spec and looked great. Had it for 2 years and I was sorry to see it go.

This was what it looked like when I sold it -

These things can really cover ground well too and in the right hands can beat things that are quicker in a straight line by simply out driving them through the twisty stuff.

My sister has VTR (98bhp model) and its nippy, but there is that lack of urge that the 16v ones have so feel like something is missing.

Also, the handle is a bit odd on the VTR as the suspension is set quite high as standard, the original Michelin tyres arent great and the steering is very light (over assisted) so takes a bit of getting used to.
  mk2 172

the thing that gets me with these cars is how people say the keep up with 172s, ive raced two VTSS, both times with me starting from behind and severely shat on them. one being the 130 bhp version. nick read was in the car for one of the races, off a roundabout, he was in front, and i surged past. simple

ok just gonna express my OPINION here and it is simply that...

i dont think you can consider a Saxo as a proper "hot-hatch" its like an SR nova in most ways, the young 17year olds who have them all THINK they are performance cars but when it comes down to it, theyre not. my XR3 shat on VTRs and would do VTSes with a little more effort, and that it wasnt exactly "tuned". the thing is that most people with them are of the age where their mates all have little 1.0-1.4 cars and so their ideas of a fast car are slightly lower than say your average Skyline driver. for the money they definately aint bad, but personally id save the money youd spend on the NEW car and buy an old 205gti or Fiesta RS Turbo and spend the saved money on insurance.

thats what i did with my XRs and i definately dont regret it. even with all the repair bills etc ive still saved a considerable amount over the Zetec-S i wanted to get and what ive ended up with is a car i love and is quite nippy (and rare for that matter)

ps anyone on here with a v6 clio that would like to come to the pod with me one weekend? i really wanna compare mine to the renault v6es