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Opinions on the Clio Extreme!? PLEASE!!

  Mini Cooper
Just wondering what everyones opinion is on the 2005 reg 1.2 16v Clio Extreme!!

I was planning on getting Campus Sport but I think the waiting times gonna be too long!! So ive been looking around!!

Found one advertised, and the lad wants £5500 for it!!

Its got 9000 miles on it, and is in the blue colour!! I liek it coz its all colour coded, so has a slight 172/182 look to it!!

Just wondering what the spec of these is like and if the price hes after is a decent price!?

  Octavia VRS
My old man downgraded from a Megane to a 54 plate Extreme as he does hardly any miles. He wishes he had went for a new Megane tho!

It's alright, design on the seats has barcodes tho?! Has CD, sunroof, usual electric stuff, foglights. No alloys tho. I'm sure he paid about 6/6.5k for his brand new
  Black S2 106 Rallye LHD
It depends...

If you want a cheap and economical car I'm sure it's cool;

But if you are going to start wasting money mod'ing it you may as well have got an older 172.

Edit: Saw in another post that you were going to buy a brand new Campus and put leather interior in it... and for that 5k you could get a Mk2 Ph1 172, which will already have leather.
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  Mini Cooper
insurance mate, insurance!!

got quoted £5000 for insurance on 172! lol!!

its only for my girlfriend anyway!! dunt need to be powerful, she just wants it to look nice!! and the extreme is all colour coded and has alloys!!

does it have air con!?
  182 has now gone!
I had a 55 plate extreme last week as a courtesy car.. It was ok. Had alloy wheels, cd player with controls on the steering wheel and electric windows.. No air con or electric mirrors.. nice looking car and nice to drive. excellent on petrol, about 40mpg... not as nippy as the 182!!! but I wouldnt turn down one.
  Renault clio 1.2 16V 2004
hi mate, i paid 6000 grand for my 04 plate extreme 3 last june an it had 9000miles on it. It was black tho so i guessed thas y it was priced at 6000. The price sounds about rite wen u factor in the low mileage. Its a gud car, havnt had any problems with it yet. An u dun need air con u got windows!
  172 cup
yes it does, i have a extreme in black.

red interior, not the horrible green ones :rasp:

they are really nice to drive


( Teddy Not Inclucded )
  182 Cup Inferno
i got a campus sport, really nippy, nice interior (no mad colours) i got a great deal with the local garage, and the insurance is good for me considering im fairly young, and have only ever had 3rd party on my previous cars! and it has a/c!
  182 Cup Inferno
i pay £150 a month and theres 0% apr for 5 years, good for me cos i'm mega skint cos i like the drink a bit too much!


  ST on the way...
You'll probably find a dynamique for a similar price if you search hard enough.

More toys! ;)
  Leon Cupra R 225
Extreme would be a quality car for a girl IMO, nice 05 reg, nippy 1.2 16v will do just fine. Nice car
My gf has got a 1.4 2005 Extreme. Nice enough car. As said, colour coded bumpers, alloys, fogs, sun roof etc. Air Con is an option so it depends on the car, don't think there are many with it, but gf's has got it. You can adjust the seats up and down as well. It hasn't got rear speakers. But other than that its all good.
Yep, seat adjustment. Luxury!

Mine had rear speakers, get the original Extreme, not these fancied up Authentiques.
  Blue Clio 182
al said:
You'll probably find a dynamique for a similar price if you search hard enough.

More toys! ;)

I agree with Al, I drove every clio when i was looking, The dynamique was the best imo apart from the 172/182 of course i get that next year :D