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orange sign on dash

hi there on my way to work this morning an orange light came on above where the change gear indicator is. its on the bottom right hand corner of the dials. Its the same symbol as the one on the middle of the dials which says stop. But that is not lit up only the one onthe bottom right hand side. Does anyone know why this has come on. cheers


  RS 182 - Black Gold
Did it look like this:

Thats the Malfunction Indicator Lamp. Means its picked up a fault....

The fault has probably been logged and can be read by a garage with suitable equipment.

If it has gone off, theres probably nothing to worry about now.
It has come on before but goes out again lol. That is the symbol. some people say its due to the fact that my car is de cat could that be the case and if so why does the light only sometimes come on?
  BMW M3
Ive got this light on in my 182. Think its the emissions light so it prob is your decat. I have a 100 cell sports cat.

Not sure why it only comes on sometimes.
does your permanently stay on then? I dont know why mine comes on at various times? could that mean a fault else where, could it be that it rectify itself and goes off? So as it goes should that mean it cant be any fault which needs to be checked out? Do renault only have the testing machine for it?
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They should have tester fo it but mine doesnt go off. I thought it had to be reset after triggered for emissions so might be something else. Im sure someone will know.
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just like that? As said above that was because I had a decat on the old bus!
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it is the emission light 100% sure due to the decat. It comes on, but needs some time to go out
defo?? whats the reason for it only coming some times 1 st time in bout 2weeks ivae had it will take it out lunch see if its out then. i wasnt caining it either this morn either. I think i could smell bit petrol from the exhaust i think. so should i give a rogering at lunch clear the fumes and crap out??
just went out 4 a drive and cained it a bit c if now goes off later when i drive home. Hopefully it just go out again... whats the poss be if it stays on coz i then know its not emissions...


Get underneath and pull the connector out, presuming your de-cat has one in......