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Ordered my Alien Green Clio 200

  Black 182 + Recaros
I haven't been on here for ages, but I thought I would let everyone know that I've just ordered an Alien Green Clio 200. Picking it up next week.

It's a full fat with Cup suspension and Anthracite Exterior Pack. If your in Stoke, you will probably see me around.

I'm part exchanging my 5 year old FF 182 in black with Recaros. It has served me well, but I want a new one.

Car history: Silver mk1 172, Silver mk2 172, Clio Trophy and Black 182

You could say that I'm a true Clio nutter, or that i'm a bit boring, but I love em


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  Many Things
black pack, FF packs, AG paint, black speedlines, recaro's = ultimate 200 :)
  Black 182 + Recaros
It was a bit of a gamble with the Anthracite Pack. My thinking is that the slightly lighter colour will compliment the green better. I think the contrast between gloss black and green is too much. I'm not a big fan of gloss black either. A bit too shiny for my liking. We shall see. Fingers crossed.


ClioSport Club Member
I think you need that contrast with AG. Not knocking you choice, but the AG's a pretty brutal colour... I think the black looks more suited. Especially with the black Speedlines.

  White ds3
ausum choice saw 1 of these in cardiff ren dealers last week looks sweet /and there was a liquid yelo r26 looks ausum


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  981 Cayman
Looking forward to seeing this :)

Problem with alien green is you'll have to keep it really shiny and clean all the time to look good, the colour will look crap when dull imo.
  Black 182 + Recaros
Mine will have the 5 spoke anthracite wheels, so having the anthracite exterior pack doesnt seem that strange. The wheels look great with that green so why not the pack.
  Black 182 + Recaros
also, the anthracite is quite dark, so it shouldn't look that different to the black. I'm sure it will look good. Will post some pics, but this colour always looks better in the flesh anyway.