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ouch big losses for sony

Darren S

ClioSport Club Member
I seriously think that the Gran Turismo fiasco is a major part of that loss. They should have had GT5 out on full blown release within weeks of the PS3 being launched, imo.

Even if was a mediocre game at best, they then could have followed that up with a great GT6 and still had a decent tussle against the racing games on the 360.

As it is, the attention span of Joe Public gamer these days, seems to be measured in weeks - certainly not months. If something's not there to fill that void - they will quickly move onto something else. And waiting years for the flagship game on any platform is financial suicide. You'll have your die-hard fan base that will buy it, even 5 years on and selling at £80. For the vast majority however, they will always be looking for the 'next big thing'.

Fickle fcukers, if I'm honest. ;)



ClioSport Club Member
not surprising but its a shame if they keep loosing money then its going at affect the development of the ps4 id imagine they arnt as cash rich as old bill so cant afford to just loose money all the time