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My year of bad motoring was topped yesterday. After having my last car stripped of wheels and any other worthwhile bit they could get ther hands on, I then got done for speeding. And to finally finish my year I hit a Taxi on a car park yesterday.
Does anyone know whether the usual highway code applies on a carpark??? Its complicated, but basically I have approached a T junction that did not have any road markings. I have been moved forward too far and clipped the back corner as turned up the the a/c!!! Am I right in thinking that niether of us had right of way ??? So consequently it will be knock for knock??? All my damage is superficial; headlamp, bumper, wing,
Cheers for any advice.


always a bad one in car parks. The highway code and any (virtually, drink drive is best example) road rules can not be applied. It has to be a "knock for knock" as they call it.

Sorry M8

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Oh no! so people can drink and drive in car parks! oh dear... My car got smashed into in a car park and the person got away (didnt leave a note). I went to the security office to ask for the tapes to the CCTV and they were VERY unhelpful and didnt get back to me. So, i still have a scuffed front bumper that is lob-sided. great.
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dont know if you knew but if a security camera films you etc they have to sell you a copy of it dont know if it works on cars though

What does knock for knock mean then, and am i right in understanding that because car parks are private land?? that normal insurance claims/rules dont apply??

Knock for knock generally means the blame/fault is shared and each ins. company will pay for their own policy holders damage (assuming its fully comp of course).

well i had a bump, well a slight scratch with some woman, i was reversing out she was reversing in next to me and she is blaming me. Will i have to pay for it or will it be classed as knock for knock??


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YOU will have to pay for it on two counts. One is that you are only a Clio novice and the other is that you are a guy and it is always the guys fault!!

me and this guy hit each other in the rear in a car park and it to went knock for knock for me and im gonna loss two years no claims when it goes through the guy was a right c**k about it the bump was as much his fault as it was mine so i hope he lost two years as well i was gutted too thats just the way it goes mate