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Out for a feeler...PH-Quick

  Megane R26
Looking at selling up and getting something newer, still along the sport lines. Just putting out a feeler, details below

2000 Titainium Silver Clio Ph1 172
2 owners from new
65,000 miles (serviced by renault up to 36k then by local garage)
Alloy bonnet + Shift Llight
H&R Coilovers
16" Dark [SIZE=-1]Anthracite[/SIZE] [SIZE=-1]Turinis with Toyo T1-S
Brembo H/C discs with Mintex 1144's, Braided lines + Dot5 fluid
Ktec Stealth cat-back exhaust
GroupN ECU
Ph2 rear bumper and lights
Cup Spoiler
Colour coded bump strips, handles and boot lock
Smoked repeaters
Silvervisions all round

Exterior is in good condition, boot has a few dents (which are to be taken out) and the paint work is good, will have a good PC'in before hand. Car on the whole has been very reliable, only problems have been a dodgy battery (replaced) and top engine mount going (replaced). Cam/Aux belts done at 34k. Interior is in good condition. Ph2 alloy handles and grab handles sprayed to match interior (blue). Usual wear on drivers seat. but steering wheel is in v.good condition, only just replaced from an 18k V6. Only really selling due to wanting more comfort (getting old :approve:). This is mainly for a feeler. Will be happy for a p/x with a 182. Will get some updated pics this weekend once shes washed. Most mods were fitted by Mark Fish, and H&R's have been fully setup. The car deffo has a kick to it, and handles just superb. Im not sure on price, I know I have to state but this is just a feeler and would like opinions.


  Megane R26
4.6k too low with all those mods, could take all them off and sell it standard really.

Oh well just a feeler anyhow, may put it in Autotrader.
sell the bits of it and sell the car standard, you get alot more but thats only if you can do it yourself and not a garage.

did you get my pm stabby
  Chocolate Bar™
4.6k too low with all those mods, could take all them off and sell it standard really.

Oh well just a feeler anyhow, may put it in Autotrader.

wont get more than 4.6k for it, when you can get a ph2 with similar miles on it for 5k.

i'd take off the 'bigger mods' like the alloys and the H&R's and sell them seperately. they're not really adding anything to its intrinsic value, so sell them seperate. you should still be able to get your 4.5k, and hopefully around 1k from the wheels and suspension. so your quids in.
Just listen to the others. Over £1K overpriced. Your financial input is never recognised in the output.

As stated without putting it back to standard, then selling the extras, you will never benefit from the huge amounts paid out.

Always the same, huge money spent on mods. No decernable difference in price.

Modify at your price only
  Megane R26
Thing is, I want something a bit newer. Also although the H&R's are fantastic, I want more comfort. Agreed it does look good :p If I do I will stip it down of mods and sell. Eray got your pm yeah, I could do that.
  AMV8, Mk1 Golf
well if u do strip, id be interested in tear lights, spoiler, mostly the wheels tho :)

really nice car