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out with the clio in with the.......vauxhall

  clio 182
after owing my 182 for just under a year i decided it was time for a change. mainly down to running problems with car and having to spend to much money on it. so went for something a bit more grown up and more pratical for me. going to miss my clio like made.

old clio


new astra 1.9 cdti 150


sorry bout lack of pics guys
  Never above 25mpg
Oooft. Wouldn't have been my first choice.

Rear visibility and tacky interior mainly the reasons imo!

Long as you're happy and all
  clio 182
yeah rear visibility is a bit crap tbh but i can live with that. nicer to drive bit smoother and all that and alot cheaper to run which is a big bonus at the mo. missing the xenons tho lol


ClioSport Club Member
  Octavia vRS
Looks alright that. I'd have gone for one with the exterior pack though. Any mods planned for it?
^^Worms...Can of. lol

looks nice dude although as said above, I'd have gone for one with the exterior pack I think.
  FN2 Type R +MK6 Golf
Ive seen the vids on here with someone pulling well in there astra in a group of clios.
  clio 182
deffo looking at remap and lowering it. want to get the most out of it. think they are a marmite car either love or hate. completely different car to the 182. still goes and handels pretty well though and quite suprised with it being a diesel.
  Astra SRI CDTI,Hornet FA8
They're completely different cars. I ended up not driving the 182 the way they should be so made no sense to keep it. Still miss the odd blast now and again though.

Hows the build quality on yours? Amazed at how VW/Audi like mine is.
  astra coupe on coilovers
very nice my brother had ago with my mate in his mk5 888 and he just kept pulling so much tourqe
  clio 182
yeah so far build quaility seems fine. no rattles which is a bonus. i love the way it just pulls through every gear. 1st gear is a bit of a let down but most cars are the same tbh