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Outer CV kit help...

  133, 182, Kangoo 182
In an attempt to find out what's causing my knocking noises I've come to the driveshaft/cv joint.

I looked on ECP website but they don't recognise my reg and it's listed as a 1.1 not a 1.2 :)s). Eventually found a list of them and phoned them up to see if my local ECP had them in stock. They eventually found the part I told them and when I asked if it included the gaiter and was told this was the inner kit. Grr! So they went off looking for outer kits and after about 10 minutes on hold I was told "we don't stock that, you'll need the whole drive shaft".

FFS! I just want the kit so I can get on with it. If that fails THEN I'll buy the shaft.

Out of all those are any of them actually for my car and do the kits include the gaiter? Failing that I'll try GSF.

Thanks for any help!

Ps. Car is MK2 PH3 2005 1.2 Dynamique 3-door manual.
  133, 182, Kangoo 182
Looks like I can't buy the actual CV joint, I DO need the whole drive shaft. Feck!

Unless anyone can shed some light on this?
  133, 182, Kangoo 182
Found a seller on ebay and gave them a phone.. Pointed me in right direction and just bought one from them.

£20 + postage for cv joint + boot kit :)
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i was told by one of the renault guys round corner from me that they come as a pre assembled drivershaft and when the cv joint is nackered its down to either the bearing are worn and where the shaft sits into the cv joint theres a spring in a sort of a mushroom shape so double check when u take ur apart because i wouldnt bet on the one from ebay being the right one mate