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Own Up! Who Is It?

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  Titanium 182
Bare wind up,

Although i pissed myself at this bit...

Yeah my Renault 19 16v had about 200hp.

F7P is 140hp Standard.
Scorpion exhaust +20hp,
Decat +25hp,
IK +15hp.

Had to sell it as it was just too fast for the road. The front wheels used to come off the ground when I put my foot down.

Best FWD car ever !


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yous is hottie louisa wot u up 2 babe u whanna cum cruzin with dadda yeah baby. lol
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  GW Clio 200

woz a 1.2 but guy i brought it off had rebiult it using a 182 engine with mods and used jamex suspenson so better than standard cup pack. havnt cum on here to be abused just wanted to chat with other owners. why the haters just cuz i have a v fast car that i can insure as 1.2 mates got subru tonight thathas been chiped that woz the same speed. so no itis right.

Some people are biting as well...........