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To all Williams owners........ Can anyone tell me how fast there supposed to go top wack. mines just been rolling road tuned and is 178bhp at the fly and the car is like a rocket to 140 but hits the limiter at that speed, r they ment to hit the limiter in 5th. the fella at the rolling road was well impressed with the car, so i dont see a problem, just wondering if others do it....


Sorry lads...typing error,, haha that 168bhp, i was being cheeky, lol, na just slipped the wrong key, anyways who can help me in the question above?

cheers again

r they meant to hit the limiter in 5th

Cars have a rev limiter for safety (so the engine dont blow) this applies in any gear, so to answer your question yes if you drive it to the limiter in 5th.
  BMW 320d Sport

Well eventually you will hit the limiter in any gear if you keep your foot down. THe book speed for a WIlly is I think 134mph? This is obviously at the normal rev limit in 5th so this is what you hit unless youve had it chipped for a higher limit.

More power wont make any difference to the top speed, just makes it quicker getting there. Its down to the gearing, final drive and rev limit.
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Mine hits the limiter at 220km/hr and 6500 rpm. It would definitely go a bit quicker without the limiter as it pulls strongly to that point. Id post a photo of it doing so if I only knew how.
If anyone could instruct me Id be most grateful.

It is a bit frustrating on the autobahn as all sorts of rather ordinary cars just fly by...


Thanks very much for you replys lads, im greatful for them, now i know my car is right 100%. ive only had it a month so i dont know much about them, ive always had vauxhalls but instead ive got got something quick, haha. and sorry mate but im sh*t on computers to and dont know how to post pics. once again cheers for the feedback.