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pad and polish combo advice :)

  Ly Megane 230 F1
Hello all.

Im currently using Gtechniq products inc their Pad combo ( wool, medium and finishing ) and P1 and P2.

Im wondering what pad combo anyone could recommend for heavy cutting then gradually down to finishing. thanks
  Megane R26
Well P1 and Wool would be the heaviest cut of course, but you should always start with a sensible light combination and progress from there until you find something that allows you a finish that is hologram free within the time you have available. going balls out and taking out swirls, but leaving yourself holograms, which looks equally unsightly, isn't the way to go, which is what a lot seem to be doing lately!

Speed and pressure all play a part too. Please don't take P1 and Wool to your paint with a rotary if you haven't polished before.
  Ly Megane 230 F1
I should have said before... I've been using p1 for a while.. I'm not new to rotary polishing.. I'm just looking for a different polish and pad combo :)