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Pads for rotary. OR DA kit?

  Clio 182, V8 Landy
Hi all,
Took advantage of Auto Finesse's Black Friday offer last week and treated myself to some goodies. I just need some new pads for my rotary though now to get my kit up to scratch again (cheap pads on there for doing dads van).
I was looking at the Dodo Juice Fin Cut pads as they seem good value for money and seem to have good feedback from those who use them. Is there anything else I could look at that's good value, or if I should stay away from the Fin Cut pads? I'd like some spot pads to compliment the bigger ones too, and will obviously need a smaller backing plate.
However... I was looking at getting a small selection of polishes to try out, maybe Koch Chemie or Chemical guys selection packs. But by the time I've bought new pads, backing plate, and polish, I could get a kit with a new DA from Slims for not much more money.
Should I stick with my rotary and just get some good pads and maybe some polish? Or get one of these kits? I find myself quite competent with the rotary, being using one for a few years now.
  Renault 5 GT Turbo
If you're confident using your rotary, there's no need to switch to a DA.

The Fin pads are good and work well the a rotary.
Shinemate make some handy spot pads, down to 1" with decent backing plates too.
Flexipads are worth looking into as well for full size and spot pads.

I'm using almost only KochChemie and Scholl polishes at the moment. They're very good.
  Clio 182, V8 Landy
Thanks for the advice!
I'll have a look at Shinemate, I saw the Flexipads too but they seem quite thin?


ClioSport Club Member
  172, VRS, Clio 5
Koch Chemie polishes are phenomenal. Their ability to work to a LSP ready finish (even the harsher compounds) is astonishing.
  Clio 182, V8 Landy
So I ended up treating myself to some ShineMate pads, including an 80mm spot pad and smaller backing plate. Going to get on this over Christmas, looking forward to seeing the results.