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Paint Codes...

  Clio 1.6
i have the paintcode EA3 for a red clio, though i am unable to find details of this anywhere. This paintcode does not match up with any paints, and is unable to be mixed as its details are unable to be found. Does any one know the name of this type of red?
I went to halfords to get my paint mixed for my car (as im going to be repairing a few bits of wear and tear on the paint) but they said my paint code ( 727 - Renault Rouge) that its made of Maroon and BRIGHT orange... now the bright orange contains quite a bit of lead and falls under 1 of 3 colours halfords arent licensed to sell! :O Damn how much do renult charge for spray cans and stuff?! As I really need some


  clio mk1 RSI
the halford pearl black is spot on if you paint it right, I would advise you give it 3 coats on plastic primer then do a colour sand then 2 coats of clear . Done the side strips and both bumpers on my old car and it looked pretty good for spray cans. make sure after you clear it you give it about 2 days to dry and i would advise you leave it 2 weeks before T-cutting it.
  172 exclusive
scarab green paint code 296 . theres 2 shades standard and blue tint (shade darker) i'm after the blue tint shade

  Trophy Rep
digging up a really old thread here, i need a paint code, everyone on here suggets halfords paint for small things like wing mirrors and door strips but they dont have my colour, the bit inside the door says san513 any ideas??
  Ginetta GRS Tora
I have a kit car that has been painted in a renault colour and I need to touch it up but I don't know the code. The best description I can give is it is a purple/blue base colour with a gold metallic flip flop, hopefully that is enough information for someone to identify the paint code for me.
  silver clio 182
hi all, ive got a 51 plate clio met blue, the door sticker suggests the colour is TED 48 Does anybody know what the actual name for this blue is? Many thanks.
  Clio 200 Cup
Does anybody know the colour code for French Racing Blue on a Clio 200 - 2010.

I've looked at the list at the start of this thread but I can't find it :-(
  2007 ripcurl
hi all,
i've got a 2007 ripcurl,
paint code says nv676,
but on a paint site it says this colour was only used 1997 to 1999,
have renault brought it back???

where is the paint code on a x-reg clio please ?

it looks the same as this one but im not sure if they did more than 1 blue similar to this.
  bg 182 ff
i am looking for the paint code of the new renaultsport clio the 200bhp 2009 onwards can any1 help with this?
  Renault clio 1.2
Could someone please tell me what colour code this is? and where to get the spray from.. Need to do spoiler and bump strips.
Much appreciated!