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painted hubs

  Clio mk1 rally :P
my hubs needed painting badly
so off came the wheels!


10 years of rust :s

while i was there did some cleaning :p

all painted :)

with wheels on :p


found some rust on passenger door near bottom :( what the cheapest way to fix? lol
^ what the hammerite ?? It won't if he's put a few coats on & allowed them to dry properly.
My cars brakes have been done for about 18 months now, they still look like they were done yesterday.
  Mk1 Clio F4R'd
That drum cant be 10years old :O

Mine is in a state and couldnt smooth it aswell as that! I cleaned my arches too, then painted them all black :D
  Clio mk1 rally :P
hopefully wont burn off lol...
might do the fron at the weekend...
but going santa pod... so might not have time lol..
any one else going?
  2015 ST2(MO)/CorsaLE
dont let them worry you it wont burn off if its been preped well! ive done my disk edges and hub centres! all been fine and finishes them off nicely!!
  2015 ST2(MO)/CorsaLE
rear drums hardly get hot! ive painted lots in the past and never had any problems! :)