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Palmersport - new events

Just spoken to Gemma @ Palmersport, and there are two more events so far this year, but not 172 specific.

One is an AMG event (16-Aug), the other is a Jag event (04-Sep). The format of the day is very similar - 3 to 4 hours on-track time, and a ride/drive in an AMG Merc/Jag. Alas, no Clio Cup race car time

Price - £150.

Whos interested in coming? Maybe we could get a few 172s together?


We can go...according to Gemma

These days are part of the Autocar members club events so there will be a mix of cars attending, but its hosted by a manufacturer.

hang on before you rush off and do one of these, as we are trying to organise an exclusive Cliosport club day open to all clios at Palmersport later in the year - and probably most people wouldnt be able to do both?!


ClioSport Admin
  Audi A4 v6 & Clio

yeah, dont do anything just yet, were (well KIS is doing the legwork here) hoping to get something sorted in the next week and will let you all know the details asap. Im well excited about this one!!!

Excellent stuff Jas!!! Was it you I was following home from Bedford last week - silver Mk1 172, nos plate ?? JAS, Magnex exhaust? It was on the M25, around J21, you turned off at J27?

Were all becoming track junkies! Jas is pretty nippy in his 172 - I felt I was struggling to keep up with him!



ClioSport Admin
  Audi A4 v6 & Clio

Yeah JJ that was me on the way back from the track day! I thought you were one of the track day people too, I guess not now! I was looking forward to a race on the A12 but I lost you before then

Arjun, with my rookie experience Ill be even quicker next time!