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Panel or induction...

OK, the 1st thing Im modding with my car is the Air filter.
Which one is best...panel or induction..???
  Skoda Fabia vRS

on a Clio 16v id go panel

but, if you can create a decent enough heat shield and cold air feed you could use an induction kit
  Williams 2, STi N12

Just whip off the standard crap black box, stick in a new filter thats open to the elements (K&N..etc) and then try to rig up a new cold air feed. I took a blanking panel out of my willy front bumper next to the n/s fog light and attached a cold air feed from there, works a treat. Probably haver to get a new zorst to reep the benefits though.
  BMW 320d Sport

Dont dump the airbox. No induction kit will give you a benefit unless all you want is noise, even with a cold air feed.

Put a performance element in the airbox or get a BMC carbon airbox. a Viper might fit but its a bit pricy.

If you have to have an induction kit get the Hill Power one, the best in the biz.
  Renault Laguna Coupe

I was thinking of getting a performance element. Is there really any point? Only other significant mod is a Magnex cat back system. I dont expect to feel a benefit from any one particular mod, but its nice to think youre at least going in the right direction and that they might all add up to something one day!