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Paranoid, me

Hi guys,

picked up me 172 last tuesday and all is great.... cept for one thing... Im constantly worrying about my car and whether itll be nicked. i know i can be paranoid sometimes especially about things i like as much as my 172.

anyway i just like to ask :-

Has anyones 172 mk2 been stolen?

if so. how did they drive it away? Hot wire?

Did you have any extra security such as a disklock?

and where\when\if did you find it again?

Im just trying to ascertain how nickable the 172 is. the lack of deadlocks also worries me too.
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the immobiliser should make it hard to steal. How about getting a tracker fitted for piece of mind in case it is stolen. Apparently it lowers your insurance?


Quite tempted with one of those. but theyre a bit dear arent they?

rather look for something that PREVENTS them from stealing it rather than helping looking for it AFTER they have nicked it.

Already using a Disklok at the mo.

I think that actual entry is going to be very difficult to prevent - the car does after all have windows. Fitting a Cat 1 security system is probably the best thing you can do, along with a steering lock/snap-off steering wheel.
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Dont worry about it too much, after all thats what we pay our extortionate amounts of insurance for!

Just pretect it as much as you can.
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I bought a diskloc from costco for 46 squid - 79.99 in Halfords!!!

HEY - Just realised, Ive not put it on!!!!

Just wire some some explosives with a presure pad on the drivers seat.... All you need to do is turn it off when you get in the car but if anyother c**t gets in they will know about it....... Might lose ya clio but worth while dont ya think? :p

You could always delock it I suppose. Also, I dont know whether anyone has seen them or not but there is now a device available from the States that works on the same principal as a steering lock, but goes around the clutch pedal instead. Its made from extremely hard wearing metal and stops anybody from driving your car off as they cannot depress the clutch pedal!!! Seems like a pretty good idea to me :D. Because the distance from the footwell to the clutch pedal is short then the device has an awful lot of strength, plus it would be bloody awkward to remove the damn thing as whoever was trying to remove it would have to get right down into the footwell.

get a tracker fitted aswell as a clifford alarm, for the sake of 600 quid u can do as much as possible to ensure its not nicked, also witht he clifford u can get little toys like remote engine start etc all fun little toys

FAO Cheeky chappie

I cant remember what it was called but it was good. I saw one advertised on an American shopping channel (not that I watch them)! They had a group of ex car thieves trying to get the clutch lock off with hacksaws, hammers, crowbars. The inventor was so confident that he let these thieves throw whatever they wanted at it and they still didnt budge it!

one thing that the Clio is bad for is how easy it is to enter. All I can suggest is to fit tinted glass (prevents the cars windows from being smashed as easy) and de-lock it. After that fit a good cat 1 alarm (clifford concept 600 is the best IMHO) and you have done all you can do.

Other than that just remember that if u have done all you can do its all you can do, no point in worrying.

the clifford is about £600! however, you get alot of nice features like blackjack (if you are car jacked they drive about 100 yards b4 the car shuts down) full closure, remote start, things like that. plus all the alarm is black wire or remote. they are regarded as one of the best and from what I have seen they are worth their weight in gold. I wont put one on but then again, I only have a 1.2 16v and its already got 2 immobilisers and a cat 1 upgrade.

There is a place in the North East are Clifford approved and they seem the cheapest around. If u are intrested ring Clifford and ask them where the nearest approved installers are. BEWARE this isnt an afternoon job, it takes a whole day at least.