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Parking sensors for the inept!!

  Clio 172 (flame red)
Some @rse reversed their car into mine at the weekend and cracked the rear bumper, luckily there has been no other damage. What made it worse though was that two days before, I had got it back from the garage after spending £700 on it and it was abosolutely mint....grrrrrrr!

Anyhow the person happen to be a friend of my girlfriend and so we offered to let them settle without getting the insurance people involved. Got a quote from Renault for a new bumper painted and fitted for £500, but they are now quibbling over it!!

What do you reckon? Considering what affect having an accident would have on a premium I would have thought £500 was fairly good!!
  Dynamique Flamer
Just take the car to be repaired and then take them to pay the bill. Although I ended up going through INS when I damaged someone elses car as they wanted £1000 and no way was the damage that much!


ClioSport Club Member
  VW Golf GTD
If it was me i'd get them to pay for a brand new one fitted from renault, then try get a second hand one off here or ebay for cheaps.